Hotels in Azamgarh

Hotels in Azamgarh:- In azamgarh, there are a duzen hotels. These have separate quality. They prefer a good services. These are residence at near the main city in azamgarh. In all, Gangotri is very old hotel in azamgarh. That gives good services. This type of hotels should be in all cities. Azamgarh is a good city in the world. Here all type of people are available. Here persons are very kind. They aid to whome are in trubble. Here person always ready for help to the people who are incapable. This city residence at the bank of tons river. Here also comes rive like Ganga and Yamuna. I have visited in all about azamgarh. I have met all the person who are famous in azamgarh. They like us. They want to grouth of azamgarh. And here citizen are very lovely. Here culture are quite separate from all over the world. If you are visiting in azamgarh and you have no money then here person can refugee. Here persons are very heartly. They always prefer for helping to others. But here government are not good. She never care about azamgarh. They only want to care about her chair. But this is not a matter about politics. This is a matter of citizen, it is a responsibility of all citizen to make city clean and religious.But here everything is differ from other cities. Here people live together and work together no fight no white. Here only do your work and make comfortable to the people for making a good socity.

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