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About Azamgarh

Azamgarh was founded near about in 1665, by a powerful landlord named Azam Khan son of Vikramajit. Azamgarh is so popular in the world. Azamgarh is big district. In azamgarh you can find many places where you can enjoy. Azamgarh is a famous city because Maha Pandit Rahul Sanskrityayan was born here. This place have born many great person. which are famous in the history. In azamgarh you can find many places where our ancestor has spend his days. Our ancestor has been spent his day in sun and shower. A Vikramajit had two sons Azam and Azmat. While Azam gave his name to the town of Azamgarh, and the fort, Azmat constructed the fort and settled the bazar of Azmatgarh in pargana Sagri located about 15 kilometers away.

Azamgarh participated in all big or small struggle for making free India. In 1857 against British Government, both hindu and muslim aided and abated mutiny and religion. On 3rd of June, 1857 the regiment of native infantry mutinied at azagarh, murdered some of there officers and carried off government treasure to Fayzabad. 
Azamgarh is a great city in Uttar Pradesh. 
Some of the prominent tourist places of Azamgarh District are as follows:-
Azamgarh City: The principal town of the district also gives its name to the district headquarter and forms a tehsil of the name Sadar. The city was founded around 1665 by Azam Khan, son of Vikramajit. The old fort of Azam Shah is situated on the bank of Tons River in east of city. This city reflects the rich history that is associated with it.
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Nizamabad: A local tradition ascribes its nomenclature to Sheikh Nizam-ud-din, a Sufi saint. The famous Gurudwara of this place possesses a pair of wooden slippers and a dagger said to be of Guru Nanak who once visited the place.

Maharajganj: The place is said to have derived its nomenclature from one of the rajas of Azamgarh, after whom the place came to known as Maharajganj. An old shrine dedicated to Bhiron Baba also known as Deotari, is by one tradition the spot where Parvati is said to have exhumed herself. Yet another tradition describes it as being a gate of the ancient city of Ayodhya. Maharajganj is a good city and there road are very nice fantastic. You can get enjoy from this road which are very clean.

Mubarakpur: Mubarakpur is situated in the north-east of the district headquarter. Its original nomenclature is said to have been Qasimabad, and it was resettled, in the name of Raja Mubarak, a Sufi of Manikpur Karaa. The place is famous for the manufacture of Banarasi Saree, which are very popular throughout the world. Among some old buildings the temple of Thakurji and mosque of Raja Sahib is situated there. They are very famous person in Mubarak pur. The collection of sari are in Mubark Pur.

Mehnagar: It is situated 36 kilometers from the district headquarter in east-south. This place is popular for its ancient monuments.

Durvasa: This place is famous for the Ashram of Durvasa Rishi where a famous fair is held every year on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. In Kartik month here held a fair in which near about 10000 persons are seen. Nagendra Yadav | Dubai Desert Safari The Dubai Desert Safari is itself a nature owned destination like more than visiting any country, The Dubai safari offers you so much to explore about the culture of Dubai like shihsa, henna painting, tanoura dance show, BBQ dinner

This fair is a large fair in not about all azamgarh but it is a big fair.

Dattatreya: This place is situated on the Sangam of Tons River and Kunwar River. There is an ancient Ashram of Dattatreya Rishi. Here huge fairs are organised on the occasion of Shivaratri. Shivratri is huge festival which are celebrated in azamgarh with very jealous. At shivratri, a huge fair are held here. All womens and men came in this fair and do the worship.

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